Lani Woodruff                                         owner/designer


Benjamin Disraeli once said, “Beauty can inspire miracles”.  Beauty inspires me to create.   It is why I design landscapes and spaces for my clients.  I believe when we take the time to explore what is beautiful to us, surround ourselves by it and live in that space, miracles unfold.

My path in the landscape design industry has not been a direct one, but one that lead me where I am today nonetheless.  My college education began with a BS degree in Health and Wellness.  This background influences my perspective of our natural surroundings and the importance of being connected with nature for our overall wellness.  My husband, Garth, and I were married and he started his own landscape design/build firm in which I got involved.  My interest grew and soon I returned to school and earned another BS degree in Horticulture with an emphasis in Landscape Design.  Designing landscapes now for twenty years in the industry I enjoy attending conferences and seminars of various associations in the field, and continue to learn new ways through technology and exploration to serve my clients.

Besides the journey that my landscape art takes me on, I have lived many other adventures.  I am the mother of two boys whom we homeschooled for six years.  I have sailed across the Atlantic from the east coast to Bermuda three times, raced three sprint triathlons, agreed to let the boys have a dog, and married my high school sweetheart. 



Garth Woodruff                                    owner/designer


With many years of work and a Bachelors degree in Horticulture / Landscape Design I started my first business in the fall of 1994.  That business was the backdrop to many learning opportunities and experiences that make me who I am today.  My focus and passion has always been residential landscape architecture.  That passion fueled not only a successful tenure in the ‘green industry’ but has cast me into higher education. 

After over 18 years in the industry I’ve moved to teaching landscape architecture and horticulture classes at Andrews University.  I’ve simultaneously completed my MA in Leadership where I’m able to apply my industry to my education.  My research thesis was Sense of place and the landscape design process.  I am regularly speaking, writing and doing research in the field with the hope of taking the art to a new level in both my life and the industry.  My other research projects include sustainable gardening, environmental impact of residential design and leadership and sailing.


Sailing, another passion, I share with my wife (Lani) and my two boys.  We have had opportunities, as a tight family unit, to sail many trips up and down coasts and across oceans.  I currently race out of the St. Joe Yacht Club.  We also have been avid triathletes and still train daily.  However with my focus on academia I’ve temporality set competition aside.


I see landscape design as the opportunity for me to exercise my creativity.  However my goal as a designer is to not create monuments to myself through form or plants, but to act as the intermediate for the customer.  I see it as my job to create or re-create place for my customers through good communication and understanding then re-forming.  What we do is not just art but art that has a purpose, sometimes physical sometimes emotional.  We create art that is a real functional, buildable part of a person’s personal life and home.